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Huà (化) – Neutralization

I am a member of a Facebook group called The Kwoon. In September 2013, I suggested that The Kwoon have a monthly video project wherein a topic is picked and members submit their videos on the topic. My hopes were that current and future members of The Kwoon would be able to search a topic and find not only discussion, but also video explorations of these topics, representing many points of view.

October’s topic was Huà (化), often translated as neutralization, and refers to a particular skill or phenomenon in martial arts whereby an attack is rendered neutral.

My video submission gives a brief look at huà. As is often the case, I demonstrate slowly on purpose in order to more clearly try to show what is going on and also to show that I am not just using speed and conventional strength in order to do the tasks within the demonstrations.

In the taijiquan (T’ai Chi) that I do, I arrange my body, especially my joints, in such a way that forces applied to my body flow through my body rather than getting stuck somewhere in my body. If forces were to get stuck or land in my joints, my movements would not be free, and my structure, balance, and power base would be affected by those forces. By allowing the forces to pass through me, I avoid this.

I realize that in Chen style taiji, huà is a specific method involving part of a curve, however, here I am just referring to making the other person’s power not impede what I am doing.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you for watching.

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