First Choice Acupuncture, Herbs, and Massage is Delaware’s premiere stop for Oriental Medicine.

Formerly Oriental Medicine and Health Services, founded in 2005, First Choice’s primary mission is to provide its clients, customers, and students with opportunities to create healthier lives for themselves. The vehicles for this are the medical and health practices of Asian countries.

Here you will find information about First Choice, Brian C. Allen, MSTOM, L. Ac., and his practice, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbology
  • Tuina Massage
  • T’ai Chi (Taiji)
  • Qigong (Ch’i Kung)
  • Low Cost Addiction Treatment

What is Oriental Medicine?

  • Oriental Medicine is a general term that applies to all of the various traditional medical practices of the Asian countries. At First Choice, the focus is on Chinese Medicine.
  • Several styles of acupuncture are offered at First Choice to best suit the individual.
  • Chinese herbal medicine is also practiced at First Choice and can be a very important part of a treatment protocol.
  • Tuina massage at First Choice is also both popular and useful, especially for musculoskeletal complaints.

Call 302-792-2831 now to schedule and to take advantage of a free consultation.  Free consultations usually last 15-30 minutes. You get a chance to discuss your health issues and goals with me, and I will give you an idea about what First Choice can do for you. I can also answer your questions about the various modalities offered at First Choice.

Now is the time for you to get on track by starting to make your life a healthier one.

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