Brian C. Allen, MSTOM, L. Ac.

Brian C. Allen, MSTOM, L. Ac.Brian is a natural healer and has been interested in healing since childhood. A lifelong martial artist, starting Judo at age 6, Brian’s exposure to Asian cultures led to his interest in Oriental Medicine.

Brian’s studies of Chinese Kung Fu starting in 1990 led to his interest in and use of Chinese herbs externally for healing traumas, aches, and pains. A few years later he was practicing Qigong healing, having immediate positive effects on those he treated.

With undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, majoring in Philosophy with minors in East Asian Studies, Chinese Language, and Religious Studies, Brian decided to investigate the Chinese medical schools in the United States.

He found that the schools in California had the most comprehensive programs because California has licensing standards that are more strict than National standards. Among the California schools, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) stood out because, at that time, their graduates exhibited the highest pass rates on both the California State Board exams and the National (NCCAOM) board exams.

Brian moved to San Diego where he lived for 5 years while attending PCOM. Then, he brought his wealth of knowledge and expanded skill set back to Delaware and started his own healthcare practice.


Q:  What is Brian’s background in Oriental Medicine?

A:  Brian graduated from the top-rated Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA and is nationally board certified in Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology) by the NCCAOM. He also holds several certifications in Oriental massage and bodywork, including Tuina. Brian is one of the most educated and qualified practitioners of Oriental Medicine in the state of Delaware and is licensed to practice by the Delaware State Board of Medical Practice.

Q:  What is Brian’s T’ai Chi background?

A:  Brian has studied T’ai Chi since 1990, having had 2 main instructors. His current instructor is the incredible Chung-jen Chang located in Bowie, MD. Brian has studied both Yang and Chen styles of T’ai Chi.  Brian’s dedication, experience, and knowledge of T’ai Chi make him stand out as a leading instructor of T’ai Chi in Delaware.

Q:  What is Brian’s Qigong background?

A:  Brian has studied many forms of Qigong with many instructors since 1990. Brian combines his knowledge of Qigong, Buddhist meditation, Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Daoyin, and expertise in Oriental Medicine to bring to you the best of what Qigong has to offer for health.  His classes are unique among those in Delaware.

Brian’s curriculum vitae (PDF)

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